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How it started ?
   Statistically speaking in the hole word there are almost 2 bilione of internet users and more then 255 million sites accessed by them.Only 1 million sites generate a notably gain.
   To conclude only 0.5 % of all users have a site which makes money and the rest 99.5% are the consumers. Knowing all this studies we have thought how we can help you be a part of that 0.5 %. How is it posible that only 0.5% benefits from the INTERNET? After a deep consideration of this question we have found the problems that 99.5% have in their attempt to make money and also we have found a very good method how you can make 49 386 € in only 6 months.

  The Problems:

  1. Building of a web page:
    You can have your own web page in 3 methods:
  • a ) You can hire a firm of web design which for 100 € they will build you a presentation web page (To expensive)
  • b ) You can learn a programing language like HTML or PHP and some basic design notions and in 7-8 months you can build your own web page but if you do not have the skills it can take a lot longeror you can fail and design something that is not competitive ( best case scenario it takes to long )
  • c ) You can build one one other 'free website builder' but the disavantages of this is that you will have many ads which will irritate the visitors.Plus you will not get any money from those ads because that money will go to the 'free website builders' and you gain is almost none. ( you do all the work and they get all the benefits. )

      2. The hosting of the web page:
          You have succeeded to build your self a web page but for it to be visible you must have a webhost.

  • a ) free webhosting website :
    • not enough space(your web site can't be to big)
    • poor service (you can have a limited nomber of visitors)
    • Most of the companies that provide this kind of service the ad is added without your consent
    • loading page : generally bad.
  • b ) professional webhosting services:
    • limitless space
    • good service
    • loading page : generally good.
    • no ads
    • Costs : 35-40 € per year || 80-100 € for five years

      3. Advertising the web site
      You have successfully lunched your web site but you have only 4 visitors per day.(You and other 3 friends of yours,sad.)
This is probably the biggest problem that you will be faced with.

      For advertising your website you need a advertising campaign which you can do in 2 ways.

  • a ) 'Pay per click' this meens that you must pay for every visitor minimum 0.05 €
  • b ) 'Pay per ads' this meens that you must pay for 1000 views of your add on other sites minimum 5 €.(but there are no garanties that they will click on your add.)

      Let us do the math and see what are the costs so far:

    If you chose :

  • a ) Pay per click for only a short period of 3 months with an average of 5000 views you will pay : 250 € per day and in 3 months is a total of 22500 €
  • b ) Pay per ads the same story for a period of 3 months with an average views of 10000 you will pay 900 €( it is expensive and you do not have the warranty that those people which have viewed your ad have checked out your web page )

      TO sum up this advertising campain is for a short period of time and you are not sure that those whom have viewed your web page will return.

      Best case scenario financially
      The smallest sum you place:

  • the building of your web page: you chose c (free website builder) price: 0 €
  • the host of your web page :you do not need it because those free website builder usualy their offer contains and free host . price 0 €
  • the promovation campaign: you chose b (pay per ads) price s €

      The total costs are 900 € || eficiency : 5 ( on a scale from 1 to 10 )

      Worst case scenario financially
      The largest sum you must place :

  • the building of your web page: you chose a ( o web design firm ) Price 100 €
  • the host of your web page :you chose b ( professional webhosting services ) price 100 €
  • the promovation campaign: you chose a ( pay per clicks ) price 22500 €

     The total costs are 22700 € || eficiency : 8 ( on a scale from 1 to 10 )
It is a good method but it is very expensive and it is for the persons which already have money.

     And now let us show you our revolutionary idea.

  1. The building of your web site: We have created an aplication called 'SPanel' which helps you create your web page in 1 up to 2 hours,and it does not require you to know any sophisticated programming language like HTML or PHP.With our aplication the only things you must know are to hold a mouse and to write on the keyboard.You can see for yourself by watching our short movies or by reading the book.
    ADS on your web page:
    - 1 ad from us for which you will get paid
    - 1 ad from us for which you will not get paid (every user can close the ad if it bothers them)
    • Price for companies 14.88 € /2 years
    • Price for you 14.88 € /2 years
    • Price for non profit organisations 0 €.
  • The hosting of the web page: Your web page being build with our aplication it will be automatically on our host.
    • Price : 0 €
  • Advertising campaign :
    • We have presented you many methods of free advertising in a book called 'How to make at least 49,368 € in 6 months ?', but we also have created some tools in our aplication 'SPANEL' specially for this.Also in this book you also find instructions on how to use the aplication and other useful things. ( With our method you save thousands of euros. )
      If you don't belive us : click here to read the book for free.
  • We have started by telling you that you can make money but so far we have just talked about cost and investsment
    so he have a method with you can make 49368 €.

    How can you make 49368 € ?
    It is easy :
    First day
    1 you chose a theme for your web page.( something that you consider that is very important and the users can't get it from somewere else.)
    2 You register yourself in our database,you find your self the documentation that you need for your web page after that you can build your web page.
    Then for a period of minimum 6 months you start promoting your web page.
    Let us say that after 3 months you have minimum 1000 visitors a day.That is a total of 20 000 unique visitors a month.
    Every visitor will see one of our ads like 'Learn how you can earn minimum 49368 € in maximum 6 months'.
    Lets presume that 5000 users will click on that add and will be redirected on our home page,and for each user which will register on our web site you will get from us 2 €.
    Let us presume that only 484 users from our web site will register and so you will earn 484 * 2 equals 968 €.
    But here is the surprize .Those 484 users that apply this same method and for every users that will register from their web page to our home page you will get 1 €.
    Let us presume that each one of them brings also 100 users, for you that means 100* 484 equals 48400 €.
    But from your own hard work you have 968 € plus 48400 € these gives you a total of 49368 €.


    Fast and cheap, what are you waiting for ? Register Now !

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